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If you are travelling we suggest you look at this website:
If you wish to get further advice please make an appointment to see the practice nurse. It will be very helpful to print off the following Travel Form and bring it in completed to your appointment.

Please download and complete our Travel Form. Click here.

Many vaccinations that are required for foreign travel are available on the NHS.
These include:

  • Tetanus
  • Diptheria
  • Polio
  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid

Other recommended vaccines are not available on the NHS and therefore will be issued privately.

The following information is a guide to obtaining these vaccines.

One injection lasts 10yrs. International official certificate issued. In stock here. Fee 45.


To obtain good levels of protection it is advisable to have 3 injections. These can be given either as: 0,1month,6months
Or: 0,1month,2months,12months
Hepatitis B is kept in stock and the fee is 35 for each vaccine.

Available only on a private prescription which you will need to request from your GP. A charge of 10 will be made.
The Chemist will issue the vaccines and charge you for the cost of the vaccine. The vaccines should be kept in the fridge and brought in for the Nurse to administer.
The schedule is Day 0,Day 7 and Day 21-28

Not available at this practice
Available at St Peters Medical Centre, Oxford Street. T.606636 or
Sussex Travel Clinic 30 The Drive Hove T.749100

Oral preparation available on a private prescription from your GP
10 charge plus cost of medication

Can be ordered in by Nurses. Cost 52

Private prescription (10). The chemist will charge for the cost of the tablets

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Travel Health
Travel Health

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